Max Steel Toys

Boost playtime for your children with Max Steel toys from Mattel. Whether it’s exploring the secret history of N-TEK or protecting the world from the terrible Trans-Human Industries, Max Steel figures allow kids to explore an almost unlimited number of scenarios.  Create battles between all the Max Steel action figures including Max, Miles Dredd and the Elementors for unending fun!  Replaying scenes in the Max Steel animated series is fun too. Children love to revisit fierce battles between Max and the Elementors, not to mention simply reliving the story line of the Max Steel characters. Keep your kids engrossed with Max Steel toys from Mattel.


Max Steel Action Figures

Relive the saga with Max Steel Action figures from Mattel. No matter the story line, kids love playing with Max Steel characters. From mild-mannered teenager to world-saving superhero, Max is relatable to children who connect with his story and enjoy building on the adventure with Max Steel figures.  Choose from a number of different Max Steel toys including different armor and weapons. Battling the mercurial Metal Elementor with a Turbo Claw or tackling the bad guys with the Power Orb, Max Steel figures are all configured differently. Kids can enjoy saving the word from Trans-Human Industries with Max Steel Action Figures by Mattel.


Max Steel Characters

Replay epic battles with Max Steel characters from Mattel. Whether it’s preventing the world from falling to the nefarious Trans-Human Industries or beating back Makino and his Ultraniks, anything is possible with Max Steel characters. Find the Max Steel figure with your favorite weapon and keep the bad guys at bay; pick from armaments like Turbo Missiles, spinning discs and Turbo Claw to help Max save the world. And you can satisfy your need for speed with other Max Steel toys like vehicles too.  When seeking adventure, find Max Steel characters from Mattel.