Barbie® Fashionistas®

Give your child the opportunity to explore personality, taste and sense of style with Barbie® Fashionistas® from Mattel. Dressed in adorable fashions that are right on trend, Fashionista Barbie® is ready for daytime and nighttime adventures all while looking fabulous. Each having their own look and personality, Barbie® Fashionista® dolls feature a variety of contemporary styles perfect for kids interested in fashion. Better yet each of these Barbie® fashion dolls includes an amazing pair of shoes, a glam accessory and even the perfect handbag!  Pure and simple, these Barbie® fashions are adorable.  Find fashion forward dolls for your kids with Barbie® Fashionistas® from Mattel.


Barbie® Fashion Dolls

Children interested in style love Barbie® fashion dolls from Mattel. Offering a full range of cute outfits, Barbie® Fashionistas® are this season’s hottest trend. Not only can girls easily switch different outfits and accessories between dolls, but Fashionista Barbie® has articulated ankles do shoes can be shared too. Assemble multiple BBFFs (Barbie® Best Friends Forever) and one of the male Fashionista dolls to envision adventures all over town, or simply throw your own bash. With fashion Barbie® dolls you know everyone will show up looking great. When you’re looking for a chic Barbie®, visit for Barbie® fashion dolls from Mattel.


Barbie® Fashionista® Dolls

Find your style with Barbie® Fashionista® dolls from Mattel. Wearing everything from trendy everyday fashion to beautiful party dresses, Barbie® Fashionista® dolls give kids the opportunity to play with fashion. Kids enjoy these stylishly clothed fashion dolls as they live out an almost unlimited number of adventures. And since these Barbies feature a wide range of style choices, kids enjoy collecting a few to dress each character differently. From exchanging skirts to changing accessories, Fashionistas are a blast! Create some stylish fun with Barbie® Fashionista® dolls from Mattel.