Matchbox® Cars

Give kids hours of fun with Matchbox® cars from Mattel. From smaller cars to larger Matchbox® trucks, we stock a variety of vehicles that every kid will enjoy. Whether individually or in a Mega Pack, classic Matchbox® cars are a favorite of kids and parents alike. Small and durable, these toys can go almost anywhere and take lots of abuse.  But for kids that like larger vehicles, there are plenty of Matchbox® toys including trucks and helicopters, not to mention Matchbox® construction vehicles.  When fun is a priority, you can’t go wrong with Matchbox® cars from Mattel.


Matchbox® Trucks

Feed your kids’ interest in large vehicles with Matchbox® trucks from Mattel. Everyone knows that kids love emergency vehicles and we have Matchbox® fire trucks and police vehicles that they’ll enjoy. Complete with lights and sounds, these vehicles are sure to please.  Another favorite Matchbox® truck is the car transporter. Available with or without an accompanying set of vehicles, the Matchbox® car transporter combines smaller vehicles with a larger format truck. Finally Matchbox® construction vehicles never fall out of favor.  Energize your child with Matchbox® trucks from


Matchbox® Toys

There’s just too much fun to be had with Matchbox® toys from Mattel. Including everything from Matchbox® cars to trucks and even a helicopter, it’s tough to pick just one.  Gravitating toward the smaller scale Matchbox® toys, older kids like the cars available in different sized packs. For the younger set, larger vehicles are a favorite. Easier to grasp and move around, Matchbox® Aqua Cannon vehicles are ideal for hot summer days outside, while Matchbox® fire trucks  are a better indoor option.  Get your kids excited about playtime with Matchbox® toys from Mattel.