Dolls for Girls

Find a special friend for your daughter with dolls for girls from Mattel. Dolls satisfy important needs for companionship, nurturing and play, so we carry an assortment that every little girl would love. Perfect for younger children, our baby dolls are a great first choice. As kids grow, baby dolls for toddlers are replaced with dress up dolls as interests shift to fashion and clothing.  With the addition of special outfits, doll clothes and accessories, children will enjoy hours of uninterrupted play as they emulate older girls. Visit Mattel to find a great selection of dolls for girls.


Baby Dolls

Baby dolls from Mattel are the ideal choice for a child’s first doll. An immediate friend, confidante and companion, our baby dolls are proportionately sized to be easily handled and loved by any child.  For the youngest children First Snuggles ™dolls have an incredibly softy body that’s perfect for cuddling. Little Mommy® Dress Up Cuties™ baby dolls are the next step; part stuffed animal and part baby doll, this doll fosters companionship and nurturing play. Finally, Little Mommy baby dolls for toddlers are a more fully featured doll complete with special outfits and doll clothes to appeal to older toddlers. No matter the growth stage, Mattel has baby dolls for every child.


Princess Dolls

Add interest to playtime with princess dolls from Mattel. Girls love to relive scenes from their favorite animated films and we have a fantastic selection of Disney Princess dolls to suit any taste. Featuring heroines from a variety of Disney films, girls can select their favorite characters from movies like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas and more.  Barbie® princess dolls are another favorite; available as a dress up Barbie® in different outfits, they often become the first fashion doll of many more to come. Spice up your daughter’s toy box with princess dolls from Mattel.