Toy Vehicles

If you’re looking for a child’s gift, you can’t go wrong with toy vehicles from Mattel. We carry a wide range of kids vehicles including cars, trucks, boats and airplanes. Hot Wheels® toy cars have always been a favorite and as vehicles that take lots of abuse, they’re among the most beloved toy vehicles a child can have. From bulldozers to front end loaders, toy construction vehicles are another favorite. Finally the lights, sounds and speed of their namesakes make toy rescue vehicles another popular option. Encourage active play with toy vehicles from Mattel.


Toy Cars

Uncover some fast-paced fun with toy cars by Mattel. Get ready for some revved excitement with toy car sets that get kids moving and active. At Mattel we have a wide range of Hot Wheels® and Matchbox™ cars ready for action! Available in sets of 5 to 50, these vehicles are fun either by themselves or on a track. And since they’re light and almost indestructible, these toy cars can be taken almost anywhere.  When you want a kid to get excited about a gift, give him toy cars from Mattel.


Toy Trucks

Give your child the miniature version of the real thing with toy trucks from Mattel. Big, loud and powerful, trucks captivate toddler and you can activate their imagination with a toy truck of their own.  Toy rescue vehicles like police cars and fire engines are always a favorite. Kids relate to the sites and sound they see every day, so adventures with related toy vehicles are much for fun. Understandably toy construction vehicles are popular for a similar reason. Finally, Monster Jam® toy trucks are also a big hit with their exciting stunts. Capture your child’s imagination with toy trucks from Mattel.