Mattel Games

When you’re looking for fun, Mattel games are perfect for kids of all ages. At Mattel you’ll find action games for kids that keep them engaged and entertained for hours. Ideal for younger children, Whac-A-Mole® is one of our many easy games for kids that can be taken almost anywhere. Mattel board games always tend to be popular with older kids. Featuring titles like Blokus™, Bounce-Off® and Balderdash®, you’ll find that children return to these board games time after time. And we have an array of word games great for the entire family. Find something for everyone with Mattel Games from


Board Games for Kids

Spice up any gathering with board games for kids from Mattel. From rainy afternoons to birthday parties, Mattel has a great selection of games for kids. A good choice for ages 6 +, board games stir a child’s competitive spirit while developing social skills and a sense of fair play. Among our favorite puzzle games, Blokus™ is quick to learn and can be played by the entire family.  Balderdash® is another fun party board game that requires players to call each others’ bluff. Amp up the fun and competition with board games for kids from Mattel.


Easy Games for Kids

Be prepared for any circumstance with easy games for kids from Mattel. Boredom, poor weather, illness and travel are just a few reasons it makes sense to have a cache of Mattel games at the ready. Offering something for everyone, our easy-to-learn games are always in demand. Among our most popular Mattel card games, Uno® is a universal favorite. Simply match numbers and colors to win! Bounce-Off ® is another one of our fun games for kids. Full of activity and uncomplicated, it’s great party game.  Be ready for almost anything with easy games for kids from Mattel.