Action Figures

Kids of all ages will find the action figures they want at We have favorite characters from films, comic books and tv programs sure to excite anyone. Wrestling figures are very popular and we have an assortment of WWE wresting figures that include personalities like Ryback®, Big Show®, Kane® and others. Of course superhero action figures are always popular and we have heroes and villains from the DC Universe including Batman action figures. In addition you’ll find characters of Max Steel, Toy Story and many more!  Uncover action figures that everyone will enjoy at Mattel.


Superhero Action Figures

Who doesn’t love superhero action figures? At we have all the heroes your kids need to protect the world from evil villains! Batman action figures continue to be among the most popular and you’ll find an assortment that features the caped crusader in a number of different costumes.  Fans of the Man of Steel will discover several different Superman action figures as well as his nemesis General Zod, while devotees of the Green Lantern Corps will enjoy an action figure devoted to its namesake. Assemble all the characters needed for an epic battle with superhero action figures from Mattel.


WWE Wrestling Figures

Relive the over-the-top antics of your favorite wrestlers with WWE wrestling figures from Mattel. Kids of all ages enjoy following their favorite athletes, so give them something they’ll enjoy with wrestling figures featuring their favorite WWE stars. Whether you relive the history making matches of Brock Lesnar™, or the tag team matches featuring the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, you’re sure to have a good time. And for the discerning collector we have WWE action figures elite characters like Batista®, Cesaro™ and Big Show®. Stimulate you imagination be reenacting the legendary battles with WWE wrestling figures from Mattel.