Hot Wheels® Cars

When your kids are looking for unending fun, Mattel is the home for Hot Wheels® cars, tracks and playsets. Kids are fascinated by Hot Wheels® vehicles and we carry a full range of the classic cars ready for countless hours of activity. From a basic 5-Pack to the Ultimate Hot Wheels® Starter Set containing 50 Hot Wheels® Cars, everyone loves these durable vehicles.  Perfect by themselves or for use with a race car track, they’re portable and can go anywhere. And for monster truck fans, we have the larger Monster Jam® Hot Wheels® too! When you need a gift, you can’t go wrong with Hot Wheels® cars from Mattel!


Hot Wheels® Tracks

Feed the need for speed with Hot Wheels® tracks from Mattel. From a simple race car track to a sophisticated set featuring loops, curves and jumps, we have Hot Wheels® track sets  that every kid will enjoy.  As children grow, our playsets expand with them; basic track sets are appreciated by younger kids, while accessories like the Track Builder - Spiral Stack-Up™ and the Hot Wheels® Turbo Race™ Track Set are favorites for older boys. Better yet, it’s always easy to add more Hot Wheels® tracks to expand your track.  Build on the fun with Hot Wheels® track sets from Mattel.


Hot Wheels® Playsets

Crank up the excitement with Hot Wheels® playsets from Mattel. Every child knows that Hot Wheels® tracks are fun, but adding loops, jumps and stunts takes them to an entirely different level! No matter whether it’s the Hot Wheels® City collection a racing set or even a component from the Hot Wheels® Workshop, we have Hot Wheels® playsets sets that keep kids engaged for hours. Turbo charge your Hot Wheels® cars with a Track Builder Track Essentials™ Launch Pack, or enjoy some head to head action with our Side-by-Side Raceway. Create more fun with Hot Wheels® Playsets from Mattel!