Barbie I Can Be Dolls

Encourage young girls to consider a variety of careers with Barbie I Can Be dolls from Mattel! Break free from original Barbie careers like babysitter, cheerleader and flight attendant to consider a range of other options. Barbie I Can Be dolls expose children to a range of possibilities that they may have never considered. Computer Science is a demanding field and Computer Engineer Barbie shows girls that they can do it too. Offering a nod to most kids’ interest in animals, Barbie veterinarian shows veterinary medicine as realistic profession, while teacher Barbie offers an aspirational example of someone girls see every day.  Barbie I Can Be dolls from Mattel are both meaningful and fun!


Barbie Careers

 Expose the many different career options to your daughter with Barbie Careers. Times have changed since Barbie’s introduction to American culture and Barbie I Can Be dolls present just a few options.  Combining the challenging nature of medicine with a nurturing spirit, Barbie Careers Doctors is one doll every girl can appreciate. The creative arts are at the forefront with the Barbie Career of the Year Film Director, while a career in law enforcement is shown as an option with Barbie Careers Detective.  Expand your daughter’s thinking with Barbie Careers from Mattel!


Barbie Career Dolls

Blend fun and substance with Barbie Career Dolls from Mattel. Young girls spend hours during their formative years playing with dolls and Barbie Careers can help expand their professional possibilities. Kids have fun playing with Barbies to begin with, but getting them familiar with challenging careers may help their career decisions later in life. From the creative arts to medicine and beyond, Barbie’s careers span a wide range of possibilities. Combine the fun of Barbie with future career possibilities with Barbie Career Dolls from Mattel.