Barbie® Doll Houses

Create your own Barbie world with Barbie® doll houses from Mattel. Fuel your child’s imagination by giving her a place where she can create everyday adventures. Whether it’s arranging the Barbie® house furniture, preparing a simple meal or getting ready for a FABulous party, your child will enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun. Better yet, there are many different Barbie® doll houses from which to choose; for smaller spaces a Barbie® playset still packs a lot of fun while a larger Barbie® play house is even more engaging. Give your child the gift of fun with Barbie® doll houses from Mattel.


Barbie® Doll Furniture

Stimulate imaginative play with Barbie® doll furniture from Mattel. Kids enjoy reliving routine daily scenarios and Barbie® house furniture makes it more realistic and fun. No matter if you have a Barbie® doll house or not, having furniture, appliances and accessories will add to the entire experience. Find Barbie® house furniture for every room of the house including the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. And don’t forget the backyard! We have Barbie® playsets that include Tiki Huts, swing sets and even a pool. Enhance your child’s playtime with Barbie® doll furniture from Mattel.


Barbie® Doll Playsets

Have a blast with Barbie® doll playsets from Mattel. Playing with Barbies is a favorite pastime of little girls everywhere, but Barbie® playsets take the enjoyment to another level. Stoke your child’s creativity with the variety of different Barbie® playsets; from furniture to accessories, she’ll be able to create an almost unlimited number of stories. Vehicles are also favorite Barbie® doll accessories and include everything from bikes to kayaks.  Go from ordinary to extraordinary with Barbie® doll playsets from Mattel.