WWE® Toys

Surprise your child with WWE® toys from Mattel. Young WWE® fans love to replay action packed scenes and we have all their favorite toys including wrestling action figures, accessories and playsets. Tag team matches are always exciting and kids can create their own with WWE® action figures as well as a WWE® rings playset. No matter if the battle is inside or outside the ring, Mattel has all the parts necessary for your own Royal Rumble™.  In addition, you’ll also find wrestling toys including plush wrestling figures, WWE® toy belts and more.  Find favorite WWE® toys at Shop.Mattel.com


WWE® Action Figures

Let your kids assume the identities of their favorite wresting personalities with WWE® action figures from Mattel. Larger than life and full of drama, the wrestling figures from the WWE® all have their own story and your child can pick their favorite to role. From the classic personalities of Andre The Giant® and The Junkyard Dog™ to more contemporary wrestlers like Ryback™ and Cesaro™, Mattel has all the favorite WWE® action figures that every kid will enjoy. And for top quality bell-to-bell action we also have WWE® Elite action figures too. When you’re looking for wresting action figures, visit Mattel.


Shop WWE® Toys, Playsets & More

Visit Shop.Mattel.com to get all your child’s favorite wrestling toys. Kids love the over-the-top personalities of the WWE® stars and you can find their favorite wresting action figures at Mattel. From individual characters to multiple WWE® Elite action figures, we have something for everyone.   And since the ring is where all the action is, WWE® rings like the Smackdown® Superstar Ring and Super Strikers™ Slam n Launch™ Play Set can hold all the action. Shop WWE® Toys at Mattel to find gifts for any young fan.