Polly Pocket Family Page

Welcome to the super-cute home of Polly Pocket from Mattel! This is your fashion-tastic spot to buy Polly Pocket play sets like the Polly Pocket Magic Fashion Stage, stylish Polly Pocket dolls, snap-on doll accessories from the Polly Pockey Pop ‘n Lock Fashions Collection, and other crazy-cool mix ’n match fashion toys that are among the best toys for girls!
Our Polly Pocket line rocks a colorful variety of adorable Polly Pocket playsets and doll sets that are hours of fashion, friendship, and on-the-go fun! You can begin or expand your daughter’s Polly Pocket collection with gifts like the Polly Pocket Ultimate World Collection. With Polly Pocket doll packs with trendy quick-change fashions and other too-cute collections from the Polly Pocket world, Polly Pocket toys like the Polly Pocket Pollyworld Doll House are the perfect little gift for your daughter.

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