Little Mommy® Baby Dolls

Bring imaginative play to life with realistic Little Mommy® baby dolls from Mattel. Every young girl enjoys the idea of having her very own baby and Little Mommy® dolls bring that idea to life. Incredibly realistic, these baby dolls act and sound like the real thing! They sneeze, eat, laugh and talk. Watch as your child is delighted when Little Mommy® reacts to food, toys and even touch. In addition, we carry dolls of many different ethnicities based on your preference.  If you’re looking for a doll that your child will love, find Little Mommy® Baby dolls at Mattel.


Baby Dolls for Every Preference

At Mattel it’s easy to find baby dolls for every taste. Young children have different needs based on their stage of development, so we have Little Mommy® dolls to meet those needs. Dress Up Cuties™ are part stuffed animal, part baby doll and perfect for cuddling. The Sweet as Me® doll is a cute best friend and the Little Mommy® First Snuggles™ doll is soft, huggable body and ready for close, gentle contact. Find the perfect doll for your child with baby dolls from Mattel.


Little Baby Dolls

Give young children a warm, nurturing companion with little baby dolls from Mattel. Soft to the touch and incredibly huggable, the Little Mommy® First Snuggles™ doll is an ideal option for a first baby doll. Crafted using the softest material to encourage plenty of contact, your little one won’t want to let it go. From sweet dreams to cozy cuddling, First Snuggles™ make great companions. Dress Up Cuties™ is another doll good for young children. Soft, cuddly and colorful, they’re great for babies 2+ years old. When looking for little baby dolls for young kids, visit