Little Mommy Family Page

Welcome to the precious home of Little Mommy baby dolls! This is your too-cute spot to buy Little Mommy baby doll and encourage nurturing playtime fun with lifelike dolls, including our fully interactive Little Mommy Real Talking Baby Walk & Giggle doll that can sit, stand, and walk by herself! Or if she loves dolls that cry, sniffle, and sneeze give the gift of a Little Mommy Baby Ah-Choo baby doll.

You’ll find a variety of Little Mommy dolls to choose from, and get the gift of the Little Mommy baby doll that your daughter will love. The Little Mommy Play All Day Baby talking doll recognizes and responds to over 50 phrases. We also have the Little Mommy Scoot So Cute lifelike doll that crawls to her “mommy”, and the Little Mommy Hide & Peek doll for girls who love playing peek-a-boo with baby dolls.

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