Disney Princess Toys

Treat your child to a world of enchantment with Disney Princess toys from Mattel. Every little girl loves exploring the life of a princess and we have Disney Princess dolls, castle playsets and more! No matter if your child loves Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid or Cinderella, you’ll find everything from a Disney Princess castle to playsets she’s sure to love. Little girls enjoy reliving the adventures of their animated heroes and toys like princess castles and doll sets make it even more fun. Let your child’s imagination run wild with Disney Princess toys from Mattel.


Disney Princess Dolls

Create hours of fun for your child with Disney Princess dolls from Mattel. Kids of all ages are drawn to Disney animation and we carry toys like princess doll sets that every child will enjoy. While favorites include Ariel dolls, there are many other Disney Princess dolls like Cinderella, Belle and Rapunzel too. Whether chosen individually or as a complete princess doll set, dolls provide hours of fun by allowing kids to relive their favorite scenes from the movies. So when it’s time to find a gift that will provide almost unlimited enjoyment, visit Shop.Mattel.com for Disney Princess dolls.


Disney Princess Bath Toys

The fun doesn’t have to end on dry ground when Mattel has Disney Princess bath toys! Make bath time more enjoyable by giving your child princess bath toys to get her into the tub. At the Mattel Shop you’ll find Disney Princess bath toys that kids want to play with.  Select from bath dolls including Magical Water Princess Aurora, Cinderella and Ariel that all change color when wet. Encourage your child to enjoy some good, clean fun with Disney Princess bath toys from Mattel.