Apples to Apples® Game

When you’re looking for a fun party game, it’s tough to go wrong with the Apples to Apples® game from Mattel.  Instant fun for groups of 4 to 10 players, Apples to Apples® is a hilarious game of comparisons that requires a little luck and a lot of skill. The Apples to Apples® card game requires players to select a card from their hand that best compares to a card played by the judge. If yours is selected as the best Apples to Apples® comparison, you win the round! Available in versions for any age, you’ll enjoy hours of fun. When planning your next party, don’t forget the Apples to Apples® game from Mattel!


Adult Apples to Apples

Energize your next party with adult Apples to Apples® from Mattel.  Word games are entertaining but age appropriate Apples to Apples® words make it more fun for adult players. Intended for older kids as well as adults, adult Apples to Apples® includes references to a wide range of people, places, things, and events that may confuse younger players. And when everyone gets a turn as the judge, the Apples to Apples® adult version will test your critical skills. Add an entertaining component to any party with adult Apples to Apples® from Mattel.


Apples to Apples® for Kids

Integrate fun and learning with Apples to Apples® for kids from Mattel. An entertaining card game perfect for children ages 12 & up, Apples to Apples® junior brings all of the fun from the original game to kids in the process of expanding their vocabulary.  Moreover when it’s time to be the judge, Apples to Apples® for Kids will stimulate thinking skills too.  But when you choose the Big Picture Apples to Apples® game, younger kids can join in too. Using images instead of words, everyone will have a great time. Get everyone thinking while having fun with Apples to Apples® for Kids from Mattel.